Moratorium Day: The day that millions of Americans marched

15 October marks 50 years since the first Moratorium Day to end the Vietnam War.

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Moratorium Day involved mass protests across the US. Religious services, rallies and meetings were held, aiming to bring the war to an end.

By this point, US troops had been fighting the Communist Viet Cong in Vietnam since 1965. About 45,000 Americans had been killed in action by the end of 1969.

Crowds gather in Boston
A small skywriting plane draws the peace symbol in the clear blue sky over Boston Common
Viola Woods, of Boston, waved an American flag and shouted, "Hooray for President Nixon," amid the crowd on Moratorium Day rally crowd on Boston Common, Oct. 15, 1969
Demonstrators hold signs in Berkeley, California
A noontime crowd at Trinity Church on Lower Broadway gather as part of the national Moratorium to End the War in Vietnam (Moratorium Day) demonstration. October 15, 1969
Demonstrations in New York
A group of protesters sit on New York City library
Anti-war demonstrators on the steps of the US Capitol in Washington DC
Anti-war demonstrators fill the steps of the United States Capitol Building
Two children at rally in New York

US deployment ended in 1973 after a ceasefire was established. Saigon eventually capitulated to the Communist forces on 30 April 1975.

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