Milkshake Ryabinsky: Povetkin, mafia, Regardie

39-year-old Russian heavyweight boxer Alexander Povetkin defeated Briton Huey fury in a fight for the WBA Inteational title in London, and then announced his desire to knock out his cousin Tyson. This was told by the head of Mitz-groups and part-time head of the company "world of Boxing" Andrey Ryabinsky. Ryabinsky for the victory Povetkin one more step to the cherished dream to permanently settle in London. According to in this city he owns real estate, it is home to his family. Yes, and he Rabinsky guest in Russia are not common. However, the West feels very restless. How can you not worry if one side of your partners head, and Regardie.

The list of reputable business partners of Andrei Ryabinsky for Russian law enforcement agencies has long been no secret. The leader of the Podolsk OPS Sergei Lalkin (Onion), the leader of balashikhinskiy OPS Anatoly Petrov (Peter), the leader of the solntsevskaya OPS Sergey Mikhailov (Mihas). Rabinsky when I was Boxing, in this field, he met with Vladimir Office (French), which the investigators listed "authority" and a member of the Balashikha organized crime groups. Ryabinsky became friends with the Frenchman, he and the family have been partners for many years. Vladimir Kancel was one of the founders of the promotion Company "world of Boxing". Ryabinsky is associated with the father and brother of the Frenchman for the company MIZ-Geosystems, etc.

The boss of the French in Balashikha OPG is Anatoly Petrov. As investigators believe Petro is a partner and Andrew Ryabinsky. Not just in the business world, but in the Boxing world.  For example, in the Federation of professional Boxing of Russia (FPBR) Petrukha and Ryabinsky are Vice-presidents. Petrov gave the "green light" and draft MIC groups for the construction of a New microdistrict pavlino despite the protests of local residents.

Importantly, Petrushka and the Frenchman at the time, brought the Ryabinsky with other prominent members of the mafia. According to sources so, among the partners of Rybinski was the leader Podolsk OPG Sergey Lalkin, and between a powerful gangster and owner of a MITS-groups have developed friendly relations. As a result, his resignation was sent to Vladimir Hryunov – old promoter Podolsky boxers Alexander Povetkin and Denis Lebedev. Replaced Hrunova came favorite and partner Luchka Andrey Ryabinsky.

Onion, in tu, introduced the Ryabinsky with Mijas. As has been said Andrey Ryabinsky has for many years been a business partner of Mijas. The daughter of Sergei Mikhailov, Vera Seregina along with Ryabinsky and Kopylova were co-owners of the construction company "Novoglagolevo-3". According to the register, Seregina owned 50 percent of the company, and its partners-25 percent each. In tu Rabinsky and Kopylkov the co-founder of "MIC group". In October 2018 Rabinsky and Kopylkov came from the founders of the "Novoglagolevo-3", and the new 50% owner of LLC was someone Tretyakov Valeriy Aleksandrovich. However, the transaction was fictitious, and the LLC was introduced nominal.

It is not surprising that such a respected partner like Petro, Onion and Mihas, takes the lion's share of the income of MITS group. So the MIC groups experienced serious financial problems, banks stopped preferential mortgage terms the objects of mica, started failure of terms of commissioning of housing. And there has been a other experience of Ryabinsky. We are talking about the representative of Ramzan Kadyrov in the EU and Germany Timur Dugasheva, which in the West became friends Rabinsky. Kadyrov has always been extremely close to the leadership of Regardie. And here, lo and behold, the sinking of the MIC started to save the contracts for a mad amount Asgardia.

The portfolio of orders of "Moscow Mortgage Center-YWAM" exceeded 2.35 billion rubles. All orders received from the Federal State Institution "1 the Center of the customer-Builder of National Guard Troops" (FGKU "1Цзз of National Guard Troops").

In 2018, MITS agreed to supply for the soldiers "of Regardie" 187 apartments for almost 1 billion rubles. At the same time, the company Ryabinsky and Kopylkov again became the only participant in the competition.

Resguardo not bother extensive list of reputable partners Ryabinsky, in the face of the Onion, Petrucci and the Mijas. Not confused the brainchild of Viktor Zolotov and difficult financial situation of MITS and that its primary host is justified in London.

To be continued

Timothy Grishin

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