address list in “getrawtransaction”

i have a confuse about the "getrawtransaction" RPC function,it returns a json object, which contains the addresses list in the "vout" object,like below.It took me some time to understand when the multiple addresses will contains many items,as i see, it always only one item, After reading the source code, I also found that even for multi signature transactions, there will not be multiple addresses. I need somebody help!please!

Об этом сообщает со ссылкой на портал Грамотей

 {      "value": 1000000,      "script": "a914d550ecfc60d9f976de1f2a43bdf4e491b684cd6887",      "spent_by": "cd2494071876f91e1f9505f5c5421088c7df2e6f939c17f742d3638bc7df789a",      "addresses": [        "3M8voDot82tBrQE7QWGy9WUWxp7gDU7owx"      ],      "script_type": "pay-to-script-hash" }

full url is:

I tried to send a multi sign transaction to the test network, and then looked at the data, and found that there was only one address.

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